equipment review: Trail Rail

Trail Rail has upped their game (click here for my previous review).


They built a phone platform for larger phones.  Mine is a Samsung S3 and this platform now has an appropriate cut-out so that you can record a video of your ride if you’re inclined.


For my set-up I’d need to mount it higher to record video, but the option is there, which is nice.  Their original prototype was specific to the iphone; this is another option for larger and different makes of phones.

I bought the quick-release thumb screws to replace the original hex screws that hold my phone to the cradle.  They can be screwed on even with full gloves and I always give them an extra twist with the edge of a key or a coin.  These are fabulous because I no longer need a hex wrench to take my phone on and off the cradle.


As always, the quality is top-notch and sturdy as all get-out.  There are quite a few phone cradles out there but I haven’t seen any as solidly built as these.  It attaches most securely to your bike’s handlebars with several different configurations.  Every piece and part of the entire group of products is excellent quality – no rubber bands or plastics here.  It’s all machined aluminum and it looks classy.

I can’t recommend Trail Rail highly enough.  Not only are their products the highest quality, their customer responsiveness is beyond excellent.  Whenever I’ve had a question or an issue they’ve been more than responsive and helpful.  I lost one of the mounting arms along the trail somewhere and they sent me a replacement with all the appropriate spacers.  They make sure your set-up is optimal for your needs, soliciting photographs and descriptions as necessary to ensure satisfaction.  You can get less expensive phone holders for your bike but you can’t get better customer service or a higher quality product.

Check them out for other products as well:  GoPro mounts, headlights, tactical bags, water bottle cages, and always a variety of adaptors and rails to hold whatever you need however you need it held – all have a versatile mounting system that allows you to decide where best to mount the equipment.  For example, I have a canister of pepper spray attached to my handlebars with a quick-release mount – they designed the mount for the canister I already had.  Ask them and they’ll try to find a way to make it work.  They are fabulous!


waiting for spring

I don’t even live in a cold winter climate but it seems this winter has been dragging.  Some of the trees here in northern California have new leaves on them; some only buds.  Many of the flowering trees are dropping their petals to be replaced by tiny leaves.  I am so eager for GREEN that I’m inspecting every tree branch I pass by and looking for progress.  I can’t imagine how you who live in cold climates are coping at this point.

We’ve been fortunate to have a little more rain here, reminding me that paint surfaces on the roads are slippery and some of trail’s underpasses are flooded.  It’s a nice problem to have, since we’re looking at a massive precedent-setting drought this winter.  The first ride after a downpour brings smiles from the trail regulars.  We share how happy we are to see the rain.  We hope it will bring green things and flowers. Sometimes those little exchanges of hope make a really nice ride.

My bike is filthy with splashed-up leaves and debris.  I’ve cleaned and cleaned my bottom bracket and drivetrain, scraped mud from under my fenders, washed the slippery mud off my pedals.  I like to ride in the rain because I’ve got the trails to myself.   It’s sort of zen to ride in the rain with no one around, a lone cyclist lost in her own thoughts.

How are you surviving the winter?