an open letter to trail twits with off-leash dogs

Yes, that was me who called Animal Control.  No, letting your pack of six dogs run free all over the trail system as if it is your personal off-leash dog park is decidedly not cool.  And illegal, but I know you know that.  The animal control officer said she’s already spoken with you about your pack of loose dogs.   Do you care if one of your mutts runs under the tires of my bicycle?

Don’t give me that look – you know you are breaking the law and endangering everyone who uses the trail system.  There are several off-leash dog parks in this city.  Use them.  The trail system isn’t one of them.

If a dog in your pack causes me to crash you will be financially responsible for my injuries and any repairs needed to my bike.  You might want to think seriously if it’s worth it; my last serious bike crash cost $50,000 in medical bills.  I do not own a car and I depend on my ability to get around by bike.  I take it personally when you endanger my safety.

I’m working closely with a particular animal control officer in our city.  She has asked me to phone her whenever I see you with your loose dogs.  I will continue to do so until you finally understand that your selfishness endangers everyone who uses the city’s multi-use trail system – toddlers at play as well as serious cyclists.  Keep your dogs leashed.


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