autumn happens

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Usually I dread this time of year.  The days are getting shorter, the sun is weaker and  at a more extreme angle, and it’s getting pretty chilly.  I would see each falling leaf as fresh sorrow that long sunny days are over.  And I’d dread the cold months ahead.  I wouldn’t stop riding – I’m lucky to live in a climate favorable to year-round riding.  But I would sigh with resignation as I pulled my long cycling tights out of storage and made sure my jacket is clean and ready to go.  Where did I put my full length gloves?

But something interesting happened this fall.  I’ve been wanting to write about the change of seasons but I didn’t know what to say that didn’t sound like complaining.  So I decided to take my camera out with me and  really look at the change of seasons.


Seeing my environment through a camera lens has given me new appreciation for the beauty around me.

The days are crisp and the sky is a bright vivid blue.


There’s music in the sound of the leaves fluttering in the breeze and skittering across the path.


However, some trees appear confused – some of their branches are vibrantly changing color and some are tenaciously still hanging onto summer.


The birds are much quieter than they are in mid-summer.  Maybe they’re listening to the breeze rustling through the leaves that remain.


And now I realize there are some things I really enjoy about cycling through the winter.  The trails are deserted, giving me the temporary feeling of owning my little corner of the world.  There is peace and serenity in the crisp blue sky and an empty trail in front of me.  Bare branches make for better sightlines around the twists and curves along my route.  The few people I see now are the trail regulars and we know each other, fostering a feeling of community.  We nod to each other in recognition.

I learned to accept this seasonal change and to appreciate it.  I hope your rides allow you the same. Because we all know that cycling doesn’t require warm summer days in order to be good for the soul.

2 Comments on “autumn happens”

  1. FrancesC says:

    What a lovely post! Thank you. I think you’ll enjoy this one – it’s in a similar vein:

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