clean bike chain joy in the change of seasons

Previously I posted about how I clean my bike’s drivetrain and the products I use.  During the summer I prefer to use a “dry” chain lubricant because it’s dry here in Northern California and it doesn’t rain for months.  Using a dry lube (teflon or “dry” polymer) is much less gunky and allows me to keep my chain clean for a long time with a simple wipe after each ride to get the dust off.  But during the rainy season I have never trusted dry lubes and I prefer to use a more traditional wet lubricant, a petroleum-based chain lube.  A rusty chain makes a very unhappy bike!

So I went to my fancy LBS (local bike shop) to pick up some winterizing supplies.  Previously I had been using White Lightning Clean Streak Degreaser but  the LBS I visited doesn’t carry it. They sold me Finish Line Citrus Degreaser.    On their recommendation I also bought Dumonde Tech Bicycle Chain Lube – Lite.  The LBS said this lubricant was good in wet or dry conditions and I could use it year-round.  The LBS sponsors racing teams and they use it so  I figured it was worth a try.

Now that I’ve tried these two products I am switching my loyalty to the Finish Line Degreaser.  That stuff is miraculous!  As good as White Lightning is, this is even better, which I didn’t know was possible. All the gunk just melted off my chain.  It’s such a wonderful thing to run a clean rag over the chain and have nothing come off – no dirt, no grime.  The cassette is shiny and clean and I think my chain has only been this clean when it was brand new.

I let my chain dry off for a couple of hours, then I applied the Dumonde Tech.  It’s a polymer, which is intended to bond to your chain surfaces, forming a protective coating.  The company instructs you not to use it liberally, unlike other chain lubes – use it sparingly and wipe it until it’s dry.  And by all means, wipe the chain after each ride.   That’s a really good practice to get into no matter what you use on your chain. It will increase the lifespan of your drivetrain components.

So I was eagerly anticipating riding on this blissfully clean chain this morning.  I was happy – it was perfectly silent.  It was like riding on satin.  My pedaling felt effortless and shifting was so smooth I could barely feel it.

I can highly recommend these two products.  I still think White Lightning Degreaser is good, but Finish Line Citrus is better.  Time will tell regarding the Dumonde Tech chain lube but I’m pretty impressed so far.

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