a women’s Tour de France update

Check out Le Tour Entier – a campaign to improve women’s cycling, starting with the Tour de France.

Momentum is building for a women’s Tour de France and it’s got some pretty amazing names behind it: Marianne Vos, Emma Pooley, Kathryn Bertine, Chrissie Wellington.  These impressive women are tops in women’s pro racing and competitive sports. They say:

We established this campaign to help support the growth of women’s cycling and build a sport with greater consumer, media and commercial appeal – starting with a women’s race at the Tour de France.

In the link you’ll find their manifesto, a petition, news & media links, FAQ, and a kit/jersey for sale to support the cause.  It’s inspiring!

They hope to have a pilot race going in 2014, alongside the men’s race.  This would be a shorter race than the traditional men’s Tour de France and would give race fans a nice taste of what a women’s Tour de France could be.

It won’t be easy; women’s races are not as popular as men’s races.  But with exposure and support I hope this momentum builds and we will soon see more media coverage of women’s races.  I’d love to find women’s races in my channel lineup!

Would you watch a women’s Tour de France?

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