bicycling stats: how do you ride?

Bicycling Magazine asked its readers how they ride, where they go, how far, and how often.  One thing is certain: more people are riding bikes for more purposes now than ever.  Bicycling is no longer only a leisure activity.  Many people commute to work and ride bikes to run errands.  Many people live life on their bikes.  Are you one of them?

Some of the statistics, excerpted:

How often do you ride your bike to and from work?

Every day: 30%
Several times a week: 30%
Several times a month: 12%
Several times a year: 11%
Never: 17%

Do you wear a helmet when you ride for transportation?

Always: 80%
Almost always: 9%
Sometimes: 4%
Almost never: 2%
Never: 5%

Not including your commute, how frequently do you ride your bike for transportation?

Every day: 13%
Several times a week: 31%
Several times a month: 26%
Several times a year: 18%
Never: 12%

All statistics from Bicycling Magazine’s Reader Survey.

There are more interesting statistics in the link, so check it out! Where do you fit?

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