The 2013 California Driver’s Handbook addresses cycling safety!   Among the issues covered:  sharrows (shared-use lane markings), bike lanes, and bikes within a travel lane.  Oh how I wish every driver would be required to read this every time  they have to renew their license.  How many times have I been yelled at to get off the road?

Wow, look at this!

Respect the right-of-way of bicyclists because they are entitled to share the road with other drivers. Here are some critical points for drivers and bicyclists to remember. Motor vehicle drivers must:

  • Pass a bicyclist as you would a slow-moving vehicle. Allow sufficient clearance, and ample room for movement and unexpected road conditions. Change lanes and pass with caution only when it is safe.
  • Always look carefully for bicyclists before opening doors next to moving traffic or before turning.
  • Allow bicyclists enough room to avoid colliding with vehicle doors that are opened into traffic.
  • Merge toward the curb or into the bike lane only when it is safe.
  • Not try to pass a bicyclist just before making a turn. Merge safely where it is allowed, then turn.
  • Not drive in a bike lane unless initiating a turn at an intersection or driveway, and not more than 200 feet in advance.
  • Make a visual check for bicyclists when changing lanes or entering traffic. Bicycles are small and may be hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot.
  • Be careful when approaching or passing a bicyclist on a two-lane highway or freeway.

Imagine that!  (snark fully intended)

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