non-pro (but vital) tip

Please, everybody, wear something bright, especially if you’re in and out of shadows.  I almost creamed a runner on the trails today.  She was in the shade wearing grey.   The dappled sun on the trails is very pretty in the morning light but boy howdy, it’s hard to see people unless they’re wearing something bright.

Right now neon colors in regular clothing seem to be everywhere in the stores, so it’s easy to pick up some t-shirts in bright colors.  I just bought some super-cheap ones at Target.  Being visible is the very best safety measure you can take (besides not riding like a fool, heh).

Another safety tip: most bike stores have reflective tape.  Hardware stores do too.  Cut a few pieces and attach them to your helmet, the sides of your bike’s frame, and your fenders (if you have them).  You don’t need a lot of reflective tape – just pieces will be enough to catch the sun or a car’s headlights – but they can really add to your visibility.  Always assume you’re hard to see. Sometimes you really are.

Ride safe out there!

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