the most beautiful sound

The most beautiful sound when riding is the silence of a clean bike chain.  On my first ride after I’ve cleaned my chain I strain my ears to hear that familiar squeaking and maybe a little bit of rattling but I hear birds.  I hear the creek bubbling over some rocks.  In the distance I can hear car traffic but the silence of my bike chain and the ease of pedaling with a clean chain is a little piece of nirvana.

I’m a little bit obsessive about my chain, I’ll admit.  Once upon a time I had no clue how to maintain anything on my bike except for tire pressure.  And even that I more or less ignored unless my tires looked like they were getting a little flat.  Horrible, I know.  But over time I learned a little bit of basic bike maintenance – how to fix a flat, how to adjust the brakes, how important it is to have a clean chain.  And now the single most thing I can do to boost my riding performance – and my mood – is to ride with a clean bike chain.  I can’t help but smile as I pedal along.

And then I can enjoy the birds and the bubbling creek.  Sometimes I hear the hum of those bugs that sound like they’re buzzing; I always forget what they are.  And feel the breeze on my face while I effortlessly pedal along.

Ahhhhhh.  Cycling bliss.


One Comment on “the most beautiful sound”

  1. Me1mo says:

    I love the picture! So California. I’m surprised there’s water in the crik this time of year!

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